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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am leavin' on a jet plane!

Dear Friends and Family,

As most of you know, I am leaving San Francisco to travel in South East Asia before relocating for at least a year in Sydney, Australia. Because I cannot keep in touch easily with all of you I will be keeping a diary of my adventures on this site. I will try to update it with photos and video as often as possible in order to maximize jealousy ;)

With one day left in the U.S I am looking around my room at my half-filled backpack and one fedex box that house all my material possessions. I will not lie and say I am not a little freaked out. But there is also a cathartic and freeing feeling to have so few things and absolutely no idea what adventures are lying ahead. Fo that I have to extend a big thanks to my great friends, family and co-workers who encouraged me in planning this journey. That said, I will say farewell for now and...stay tuned!