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Friday, April 2, 2010


Haging out in Bangkok a few days more than planned while waiting for Vietnam/Burma visas. I have a pretty comfortable guesthouse room off the Kao San road, Rambuttri its called. The evenings are the best when the heat finally dies down and you can sit outside and watch ALL kinds of people walk by while sipping a $2 giant Tiger (beer) and a huge plate of cheap noodles :)

Today I did all the tourist stops -the giant reclining buddha, the grand palace. Woke up early and watched the monks at Wat Pho. Took the Express boat. While taking a sit in the shade outside the grand palace, peacefully trying to figure out my bus route a woman approaches me and literally throws kernels all over me, after which a TON of pigeons flock to me and THEN she wants to be paid for doing this bc apparently the pigeons are good luck. Gotta love it.

Off to the big weekend market tomorrow. Hopefully have m Visas in orderby Monday and off to Cambodia Tuesday...


  1. lol! liz, that is absolutely hysterical about the pigeon lady. HOpefully those dirty birds will bring you fortune of some sort. Give the places you visit my love, tell em ill be there soon enough :) Enjoy!!