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Friday, April 16, 2010

Memorable Travel Moment No.1

This afternoon made the list as my first truly memorable travel moment. But first to preface: I have been spending the past three days in the coastal cambodian town, Sihanoukville. Usually a slow beach town it is all a buzz this week as Cambodia celebrates its Khmer New Year. A festivity that lasts the better part of a week from what I can tell. The sky is lit up by fireworks nightly. Or more accurately I should say the beach is lit up by terrifying fireworks flying in every possible direction!

The best part, and most surprising, about the place is the EXCELLENT food to be had! I have never eaten so well or so cheaply in my life! The best Barbecue EVER. I have discovered a new found affinity for BBQ Barracuda. Delicious!! I ordered a Tuna sandwich on the beach, and expecting a measly tuna out of the can meal for $2.00 I was amazed to see and entire grilled tuna fillet. Unreal! One evening, in an effort to take a break from the loud party scene that this place attracts, myself and two lovely girls I met here; one English the other Irish, decided to splash out on the "expensive" restaurant in town and ordered sizable Duck, Lamb and Seabass dinners that would have easily cost upwards of $25 at home for $6 a piece. Best dinner ever. Tommy, if you are reading this, I keep wishing you could taste all these things that I am eating because half the time I have NO clue what it is other than it tastes really good. OK, enough about the food. Even though I could go on forever. One could easily keep a travel blog solely dedicated to the culinary adventures and have more than enough to say!

Getting back to today...For my last day here, I decided to sign myself up for the boat trip out to three islands off the coast and do some snorkeling. From other travelers that have already been down to the Thai islands I'd heard this trip paled in comparison. But I for one have been loving the beach and the warm water so figured I'd give it a go. The snorkeling wasn't great, saw some MASSIVE sea urchins, which of course I rammed my foot into and have a lovely battle wound from that. After 6 hours of calm, perfectly undisturbed waters our sad little boat began the hour or so journey back to Sihanoukville. about 10 minutes in we hear what sounded like thunder and some extremely dark clouds looming in the distance. Within 20minutes we are barraged by a thunderstorm, crazy rain and wind and a long way to go yet. For the first time since I stepped off the plane over two weeks ago I was actually full-blown cold! Joking with the Canadians next to me to savor that moment. Most of the boat, including myself, were laughing hysterically as we rocked and swayed and clung to any flimsy piece of the boat we could. Though, a few people appeared to be looking death in the face. Finally reaching shore we run through the rain, soaked, back to our guest house. It reminded me of the tropical storms you get in Hawaii that are so awesome and refreshing. Safely back to my guesthouse I enjoyed a welcome shower until the electricity went out in my room for a full 10 minutes :) Hands down the most unexpected and memorable travel moment yet.

Off for one last yummy Cambodian meal before the journey to the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam tomorrow.

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  1. That sounds so amazing! What an adventure... I'm glad it didn't turn into a "perfect storm" kind of a moment. Wish I was there experiencing it all with ya!