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Sunday, April 4, 2010

relaxed and toasted

Major day of relaxation poolside today. I was able to sneak into the Bangkok Marriott for some relaxation and wayyy to much sun. Okay, so its not exactly authentic Thailand...or Bangkok. But I don't care. After 4 days of trekking around this city, it was glorious!! Now if the flaming streaks of magenta (uneven thanks to my skilled hand at sunscreen application) fade into a tan it will be a successful day.

Also included a photo of my first Tuk Tuk ride the other day. I won't lie and say i was not slightly terrified and didn't have a death-grip on the handle bar. But all in all an exhilarating experience haggling with the driver and swinging around the city on three wheels.

Now off for my standard dinner of 20 Baht pad thai from the Kao San food stand. Mmmm


  1. it is pouring rain here and you are sitting poolside . . .
    miss you!!

  2. poolside - beautiful blue color xxoo